Instantly Understand & Improve Transit Performance

Swiftly Insights analyzes and visualizes millions of data points in seconds to help you understand how your transit network is performing. Quickly visualize on-time performance, running times and vehicle speeds to determine when, where, and why service issues occur. You can dig into the details to not only find problem intersections or corridors, but root causes of issues. Planners, schedulers, and dispatchers use Swiftly to make smarter decisions backed by big data.

A typical punctuality analysis is a 3-month project that requires costly equipment investments. Swiftly compresses this down to days with no new infrastructure investments.
— Tahmina Amin-Nawabi, Transport Network and Service Planner, RATP Dev


Quickly analyze your actual runtimes against scheduled runtimes to build reliable, predictable schedules for every route in your transit network.

  • Easily segment and analyze the breakdown of travel times - including traffic, drive time, and dwell times.
  • Build reliable schedules by quickly identifying trips that exceed recovery time or have excessive slack.
  • Instantly visualize the impacts of schedule changes, stop relocation, TSP, and other infrastructure projects.

Speed Map

Immediately identify problematic route segments and intersections in your transit network -- to make transit faster, more reliable, and more attractive to riders.

  • Identify route segments and intersections causing performance issues.
  • Create intuitive visualizations illustrating vehicle speeds and dwell times for any route and direction.
  • Determine and quantify the impact of infrastructure projects on vehicles speeds and dwell times.
Speed map gif.gif

On-Time Performance

Instantly analyze on-time performance for every vehicle and route in your transit network -- to improve rider experience, operating efficiency, and capital savings.

  • Identify specific stops and trips impacting your overall on-time performance.
  • Discover when and where operational issues occur along every route in your network.
  • Improve overall rider satisfaction by increasing service efficiency and reliability.

GPS Replay

Easily replay historical speed and location data for every vehicle in your network, down to the second.

  • Immediately answer customer inquiries about late vehicles, drivers who speed, or buses that skip stops.
  • Easily check driver compliance for detours or new route alignments.
  • Quickly improve driver training by offering intuitive suggestions for compliance.
GPS Playback.gif

Customer service call lengths have decreased by 50%, representing $40,000 in gained productivity annually.

Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority



Overtime costs have dropped by 15%, or $18,000 per year by crafting more accurate schedules

Tillamook County Transportation District