Learn more from your Transit data

Swiftly Insights analyzes and visualizes millions of data points in seconds to help you quickly locate and resolve performance issues.

Intuitive reports surface issues and are fluidly connected, showing not only problem areas, but also giving color to root causes, equipping planners, schedulers, and dispatchers with the information they need to make decisions efficiently and effectively.

A typical punctuality analysis is a 3-month project that requires costly equipment investments. Swiftly compresses this down to days with no new infrastructure investments.
— Tahmina Amin-Nawabi, Transport Network and Service Planner, RATP Dev


easily pinpoint and resolve inefficiencies

Swiftly Insights goes beyond standard schedule adherence reporting, highlighting trends and anomalies so agencies and operators can understand where and why issues occur. 


Analyze more data, faster
Visualize and analyze millions of data points in seconds. Get to the bottom of issues by slicing the data by stop, route, or time of day.

Ensure vehicles are assigned
Vehicle auto-assignment collects route data even if a driver forgets to log in.

See what riders see
Pull in existing GTFS data so your analysis is based on the same schedule used by passengers in their favorite trip planning apps.

Say goodbye to maintenance
Swiftly Insights is cloud-based, so you never have to worry about maintenance, hosting, or software updates.

Leverage existing hardware
Use any in-vehicle hardware and seamlessly integrate new hardware as it is installed.



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