Boost Customer Satisfaction With Real-Time Info

Building trust with passengers is key to increasing ridership and keeping them happy. Swiftly's state of the art algorithms leverage large volumes of historical and real-time data to predict ETAs that are 10-30% more accurate than current industry RTPI systems. Our platform also helps you connect with riders where they are - transit apps, webpages, annunciators, or SMS/text message. With reliable and accurate updates, more people will catch their ride, keeping cities moving happily and efficiently. 


passenger Calls & complaints in Charleston, South Carolina have decreased by 20% since implementing swiftly's real-time passenger information system


Reach More Passengers

While one mobile app can be useful, passengers often like to choose the mobile app that best supports their needs. For this reason, Swiftly provides your agency with a suite of open data tools, enabling any mobile app or apps of your choosing to integrate with your real-time arrival information. This helps you reach more riders than ever before. Swiftly Transitime supports all of the industry data standards for real-time passenger information: GTFS-realtime, JSON, XML, and SIRI. Common app integrations include Transit (leading North American mobile app for transit), Google Maps, and Moovit.

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“Our agency was an early adopter customer real-time information, but its accuracy and reliability never fully met our expectations. Now that we’re working with Swiftly, though, our customers have a much more accurate system. VTA has seen the value that seamless vehicle location information has brought to our customers.”
— Gary Miskell, Chief Information Officer at Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

Desktop and Mobile Support

In addition to providing riders with access to your data via a mobile app experience, Swiftly can help you provide riders with real-time information through an easy-to-use website. The website lets users see routes that are of interest to them, including a map with the route path, real-time arrival information, and live vehicle locations.The public-facing website is fully responsive, meaning the user interface can automatically adjust and resize to provide an optimized experience on any device. If a user opens the public website on a desktop computer or mobile device, they will easily and quickly be able to access real-time passenger information.


Expand Access To Real-Time Information

Riders can also access real-time information via SMS and interactive voice response (IVR). Your agency will be given a dedicated phone number so that riders do not need to memorize an agency key. The rider simply texts or calls in with the stop number and the system will respond with the arrival times, route name, and nearest stop location. Visually impaired riders can easily call your agency’s dedicated phone number to receive arrival times through an audible response.


passenger calls and complaints have decreased 90% since implementing swiftly transitime

Tillamook County Transportation District