Swiftly develops enterprise software to help transit agencies and cities improve urban mobility. Built by transportation experts for transportation professionals, the Swiftly platform harnesses billions of data points and sophisticated algorithms to improve transit system performance, service reliability, and real-time passenger information. Cities from coast to coast use Swiftly’s technology platform, improving transportation services for millions of riders each day.

Our Team

  Jonny Simkin   Co-Founder & CEO

Jonny Simkin

Co-Founder & CEO

  Mike Smith   Co-Founder & CIO

Mike Smith

Co-Founder & CIO

  Will Dayton   Co-Founder & CTO

Will Dayton

Co-Founder & CTO

  Paul Swiencicki   VP of Growth

Paul Swiencicki

VP of Growth

  Meredith Bordoni   Head of Product

Meredith Bordoni

Head of Product

  Morgan Greene   Marketing Manager

Morgan Greene

Marketing Manager

  Abe Ratnofsky   Full Stack Engineer

Abe Ratnofsky

Full Stack Engineer

  Jackson Lester   Transit Planner

Jackson Lester

Transit Planner

  Katie Martin   Product Manager

Katie Martin

Product Manager

  Maddie Sheehan   Data Scientist

Maddie Sheehan

Data Scientist

  Tyler Ball   Software Engineer

Tyler Ball

Software Engineer

  Hasti TajTehraniFard   Customer Success

Hasti TajTehraniFard

Customer Success

  Haomin Xu   Product Designer

Haomin Xu

Product Designer

  Jym Dyer   Sr. Software Engineer

Jym Dyer

Sr. Software Engineer

  Laramie Bowron   Principal Planner

Laramie Bowron

Principal Planner

  Stan Parkford   Customer Success

Stan Parkford

Customer Success

  Matt Fleck   Product Marketing

Matt Fleck

Product Marketing

  Roberto Burgos   Software Engineer

Roberto Burgos

Software Engineer

  Leslie Taege   Transit Planner

Leslie Taege

Transit Planner

  Marta Zamanillo   Customer Success

Marta Zamanillo

Customer Success