Reliable transit runs on reliable data

Power your network with the industry’s leading data platform for knowing where your vehicles were, are, and will be next

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Trusted by 150+ agencies

The industry's leading transit data platform

Connect with passengers

Improve information reliability for passengers

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Connect with staff

Increase the efficiency of daily operations and planning

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Swiftly Connected Transit Platform™

Connect with vehicles

Simplify onboard hardware management systems

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Connect with partners

Share Swiftly data through the transit ecosystem

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How Swiftly works

Swiftly analyzes billions of data points to create the industry’s most accurate information about where a vehicle was, is, and where it will be next. This data engine powers the entire connected transit platform.

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Real-time passenger information


Real-time vehicle operations


Historical transit insights

The transit industry runs on Swiftly

Swiftly is improving public transit at agencies large and small around the globe.

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We focus on outcomes that matter

Increase on-time performance by up to

Improve passenger prediction accuracy by up to

Analyze data
up to
90% faster

Essential tools for connected transit agencies

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Empower riders with up-to-the-second trip information

Transform the rider experience with best-in-class real-time passenger information and industry-defining prediction algorithms.

"MBTA was looking for a better solution to provide real-time passenger information to our commuter rail passengers. With Swiftly, we were able to quickly deploy a modern RTPI system to reach more riders."
Dave Barker, Operations Technology | MBTA, Boston, MA

Improve on-time performance in real time

Boost on-time performance and headway adherence with real-time adjustments for your operators and historical insights for operations staff.

“Swiftly is an easily accessible, comprehensive tool to understand how our transit system is operating, and the fact that it’s intuitive and visual? That doesn’t hurt.”
Krae Stieffenhofer, Transportation Planner | MDOT MTA, Baltimore, MD

Plan faster with data visualizations

Plan and evaluate service changes using intuitive data visualizations of billions of historical data points.

“Swiftly has a level of customization for on-time performance queries -- for different routes, different places, and different times. It’s really allowed me to do analysis that I just couldn’t have done before.”
Michael Helta, Chief Innovation Officer | MDOT MTA, Baltimore, MD

Base schedules on historical actuals

Optimize your schedule using actual run-times, vehicle speeds, and dwell times.

“After 10 years, we finally added time to routes to accommodate increased ridership. Beforehand, we didn’t know where to start. Now we can see exactly where we need to add a minute here or two minutes there.”
Kathy Bond, Transit Specialist | TCTD, Tillamook, OR

Answer customer inquiries twice as fast

No matter who is calling and when, your customer service team can instantly answer any question a rider has about your system.

“It used to take about 10 minutes to resolve ‘where’s the bus?’ questions. Now we can help riders out pretty much right away. We can just check Swiftly and answer questions in about two or three minutes.”
Tammy Motteler, Director of Customer Programs | DCTA, Denton, TX

Getting started is easy

See how Swiftly can improve service reliability, passenger information, and operational efficiency at your agency with an in-depth demo.

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