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Root your transit schedules in historical data

Swiftly paints a detailed picture of scheduled service versus actual service so you can build the most accurate and efficient transit schedules possible.

In-depth punctuality analyses in minutes

Identify which routes, trips, stops, and segments most impact your overall on-time performance

View actual vehicle speeds, run-times, and dwell time between stops to find quick improvements to your schedule’s efficiency

Parse operational issues from scheduling ones with intuitive graphs of run-times and operator performance

“A typical punctuality analysis is a 3-month project that requires costly equipment investments. Swiftly compresses this down to days with no new infrastructure investments.”

Tahmina Amin-Nawabi, Transport Network and Service Planner | RATP Dev

Better schedules through less guesswork

Generate suggested run-times based on historical GPS records and actual performance

Identify trips that exceed recovery time or have excessive slack to improve overall efficiency

Export run-time data to whatever scheduling system you use

“Things that used to take a few months now took just a few clicks. Now we were able to look at routes and see the impact of that potential schedule change instantly.”

Tom Hewitt, Director of Service Development | MDOT MTA, Baltimore, MD

Simplify conversations with operations staff

Visually track early or late arrivals, and seamlessly communicate instances to operations staff.

See exactly where operators lose contact with the schedule along their routes.

Understand operator performance issues with intuitive visuals of earlies, lates, and layovers.

“Swiftly’s Operator Reports is a quick and easy tool that allows you to get on-time performance data on a specific driver, all drivers, or drivers on a certain route.”

Ralph Faufata, VP of Transportation | TheBus, Honolulu, HI

Validate the success of your service changes

Measure how schedule changes impact on-time performance in easy-to-digest charts

Generate simple before-and-after graphs that compare actual run-times between schedules

Follow the on-time performance of individual vehicles in real time to fine-tune new schedules after they’re updated

“After 10 years, we finally added time to routes to accommodate increased ridership. Beforehand, we didn’t know where to start. Now we can see exactly where we need to add time.” 

Kathy Bond, Transit Specialist | TCTD, Tillamook, OR

Unify your data across departments and stakeholders

Align every department at your agency around the same underlying data

Build consensus with operations and planning teams with intuitive, visual dashboards

Integrate all your tools into the transit industry’s only cohesive data platform

“We’ve been able to get eight or ten departments across the agency to use Swiftly. We are shifting from anecdotes to data-driven decision-making and increased understanding."

Mike Helta, Chief Innovation Officer | MDOT MTA, Baltimore, MD

Optimize schedules with accurate historical ridership data

Focus on scheduling decisions that distribute resources in a way that benefits the greatest number of riders

Leverage passenger loads to identify capacity constraints and eliminate chronic overcrowding

Use stop by stop boardings and alightings to pinpoint opportunities for shorturns, skipped stops, and other decisions that benefit the greatest number of riders

“APC Connector gives you the benefits of the APC without having to set up hardware manually. It works seamlessly with the data we already have; we're leveraging the strength of our current system. If we change something, it is reflected immediately."

Cole McCarren, Planning and Special Projects Manager | Regional Transport Agency (RTA) of Central Maryland

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