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Proactively manage your transit operations

Swiftly makes it easy for operations teams to manage fixed-route service with best-in-class prediction algorithms and real-time vehicle information.

Monitor your operations in real time from anywhere

Spot deviations from scheduled service and crowding in real time

Communicate adjustments to operators, field supervisors, and dispatchers on intuitive onboard and browser-based displays

Identify missing trips so operations staff can reassign vehicles, add recovery buses, and notify riders

“Now we can monitor and anticipate where a slowdown is happening for a detour or service change. We can catch it early on and send that information to planning, so that they can reschedule and re-coordinate inefficiencies.” 

Brandon Patacer, Service Support Supervisor | Pierce Transit, Pierce County, WA 

Provide real-time adjustments to operators

Mitigate early departures and bunching with intuitive operator-facing tools that indicate when vehicles are running early, late, or on time

Determine whether on-time performance issues stem from over-optimistic scheduled run-times or from operator performance

Coach operators by providing straightforward graphs on their historical on-time performance

"One of the things we love about Swiftly’s Onboard App is how immediate and simple the feedback is. It’s a clear, simple visual and I think that’s the key to the success here."

Wayne Jeff, CEO | ComfortDelGro Australia, Sydney, AU

Quickly visualize and analyze your vehicle spacing

Proactively manage bunching and gapping on your high-frequency routes

Identify specific stops and trips impacting your overall on-time performance

Eliminate unassigned trips and understand why trips didn’t run or deviated from the published schedule

“We can fix issues faster because the information is easily accessible. We use it daily. In my passdown from dispatch to dispatch today, we were going over the live ladder and what routes were running early and late.”

Megan Ross, Fixed Route Operations Manager | CARTA, Charleston, SC

Elevate the passenger experience

Offer passengers accurate real-time arrival predictions and crowding information, especially during network interruptions or changes

Communicate service changes to riders

Instill rider trust by offering passengers more reliable transit service overall

"MBTA was looking for a better solution to provide real-time passenger information to our commuter rail passengers. With Swiftly, we were able to deploy a modern RTPI system to reach more riders."

Dave Barker, Operations Technology | MBTA, Boston, MA

Unify your data across departments and stakeholders

Align every department at your agency around the same underlying data

Integrate all your tools into the transit industry’s only cohesive data platform

Build consensus with external stakeholders with intuitive, visual dashboards

“We’ve been able to get eight or ten departments across the agency to use Swiftly. We are shifting from anecdotes to data-driven decision-making. Swiftly has made us a more inquisitive agency, which has led to better discussions and stronger results for our customers.”

Mike Helta, Chief Innovation Officer | MDOT MTA, Baltimore, MD

Getting started is easy

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