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Plan transit service with billions of data points

Swiftly helps you plan and evaluate service changes using intuitive data visualizations of your historical transit service.

Understand current and historical service conditions in minutes

Quickly identify route segments and intersections causing avoidable slowdowns

Generate intuitive data visualizations of vehicle speeds and dwell times for any route, pattern, or direction

Segment and analyze the breakdown of travel times by drive time, dwell times, and time in traffic

“With Swiftly, we have the data to go with our methodology. Owning our own data was what we’ve needed.”

Cole Greene, Manager of Data Analytics | MDOT MTA, Baltimore, MD

Plan service changes with less guesswork

Build existing conditions reports using Swiftly’s out-of-the-box reports for vehicle speeds, dwell time, on-time performance, headway adherence, run-times, and more

Expedite Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) projects with detailed visualizations of your network’s historical performance

Conduct before-and-after analyses for transit signal priority and devoted bus lane projects in minutes

"A typical punctuality analysis is a 3-month project that requires costly equipment investments. Swiftly compresses this down to days with no new infrastructure investments.”

Tahmina Amin-Nawabi, Transport Network and Service Planner | RATP Dev

Prioritize capital projects based on projected impact

Visualize the impacts of service changes, including stop relocation, tactical transit projects, and transit signal priority 

Find bottlenecks in your network by time of day and route, then export Swiftly data to customize your analysis

Get buy-in from stakeholders by distilling data trends into easy-to-digest graphs

“On our complete streets project, now we use the Swiftly dashboard to compute whatever data we need on the fly. It used to take 2 weeks. Now it’s a few minutes.”

Senior Transportation Planner | VTA, San Jose, CA

Streamline the consensus-building process

Use intuitive visualizations to communicate how proposed route changes will impact vehicles speeds and dwell times 

Build straightforward reports and share them with riders, city officials, and internal staff

Align every department at your agency around the same underlying data 

"For the longest time, our data was locked up in silos, leverage-able only by certain people, now everything is easily accessible. We don't have to rely on mashing up data and pushing it to someone else to do it for us."

Marshall Ballard, Senior Transportation Planner | VTA, San Jose, CA

Inform planning decisions with accurate historical ridership data

Optimize service changes, temporary stop placements, stop amenity upgrades, network redesigns, and infrastructure projects with ridership data

Focus on planning decisions that distribute resources in a way that benefits the greatest number of riders

Inform NTD reporting and communication with elected officials with accurate and easily-to-use ridership data

“APC Connector gives you the benefits of the APC without having to set up hardware manually. It works seamlessly with the data we already have; we're leveraging the strength of our current system. If we change something, it is reflected immediately."

Cole McCarren, Planning and Special Projects Manager | Regional Transport Agency (RTA) of Central Maryland

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