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Upgrade the rider experience

Swiftly improves the rider experience by arming your agency with the industry’s most accurate real-time information. 

Improve vehicle predictions by up to 30%

Provide riders with best-in-class vehicle arrival information that adapts to local traffic conditions and improves with time

Reduce the number of ghost buses that riders experience through Swiftly’s robust vehicle assignments

Mitigate early departures and bus bunching by sending real-time feedback to operators on intuitive onboard displays 

“If a customer expects the bus at a certain time, and it’s not there, they’re less likely to trust public transit. With Swiftly, we can ensure we’re fulfilling our promise to our riders.” 

Ralph Faufata, VP of Transportation | TheBus, Honolulu, HI

Integrate Swiftly predictions everywhere your riders get updates

Seamlessly integrate with Transit, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and more to ensure riders have consistent and accurate data across all apps

Connect dynamic signage with Swiftly predictions, no matter your sign provider

Power rider-facing SMS and IVR systems with Swiftly’s algorithm-based predictions

“Since we got Swiftly, we’ve never had someone call to say that our Swiftly dashboard information was wrong. With the old system, customers would call right back, and tell us our information was wrong because our old system was so inaccurate.”

Marcella Wood, Contact Center Supervisor | Capital Metro, Austin, TX 

Keep riders informed during service interruptions

Communicate service changes to riders via rider-facing apps and provide updates as information evolves

Maintain accurate real-time arrival predictions even during service interruptions

Instill rider trust by offering passengers more reliable transit service overall

“Swiftly helps us foster a better public perception of our service. The information really is real-time. It helps us to look like a better-informed agency as a whole. Swiftly is an awesome tool.”

Christine Barry, Customer Service Assistant Manager | Pierce Transit, Pierce County, WA 

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