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The world isn’t broken. The world is changing.

By 2050, an additional 2.5 billion people will live in the world’s cities. While this influx of people presents a tremendous challenge, it turns out that we don’t need to invent new modes of transportation or abandon proven models.

Mass transportation networks can already move people 15x more efficiently than single-occupancy driving trips, we just need to better utilize them.

Pillars of our work

An impact that's real

Trusted by over 100 cities around the world, Swiftly is fundamentally shaping the landscape of urban transportation. At Swiftly, you’ll improve transit for over 1.5 billion passenger trips for tens of millions of transit riders per year.

A team powered by curiosity

Swiftly is a team that runs on unique perspectives and a shared passion for urban mobility. At Swiftly, you’ll continually learn from your colleagues in ways you least expect.

Equal parts art and science

The Swiftly platform gathers billions of data points to understand how people move through cities. Working at Swiftly requires you to devise simple solutions to complex spatial, temporal, and behavioral questions.

  • Haomin
    What’s your favorite part of working at Swiftly?
    If you think about some of the top things people want in a role, it’s about positive impact, colleagues you can learn from, a company that is mission-driven and a great culture. Swiftly has all of those things.
    What makes Swiftly unique as a company?
    We’re a small company, but we’re very intentional, thoughtful and mature in how we operate. You can have the benefits of a startup without wondering whether we are going to be here tomorrow.
  • Andy
    What’s the best thing about working at Swiftly?
    The best thing about working at Swiftly is knowing that we are a mission-driven company working to provide a service that is ultimately for the public good; and everybody at our company shares that goal.
    How does Swiftly support you as an individual?
    It’s family-friendly. In the time I had off for parental leave, I was never pressured to do work. We are also taking steps to be even more family friendly in the future.
  • Siena
    What do you find most meaningful about your work?
    When I show transit agencies how Swiftly could help them solve problems, it's easy to see how excited they are. These are people who are making public transit better for their communities and at Swiftly, I get to be a part of that impact every day.
    What makes you excited about your future at Swiftly?
    At Swiftly, I’m surrounded by passionate and smart people who are constantly challenging each other to not just be better versions of ourselves, but to work together to build a better Swiftly and a better world.
  • Meredith
    What makes you proud to work at Swiftly?
    I am proud of the fact that half of the Swiftly team identifies as female. The way we’ve built our team, while not prescriptive, was very intentional. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are mindful.
    What excites you about working at Swiftly?
    I am delighted by how customer-centric our development org is. Product, Engineering, Design, and our transit agency partners work together in lockstep here, and we focus on solving problems rather than building solutions.
  • Dave
    How would you describe Swiftly’s culture?
    There’s so much transparency into the executive team’s decision-making process. Every Monday, we hear from the CEO and other execs and they really open up about what they’re thinking, what’s going well, what’s not going well. It’s very, very open.
    How does Swiftly support your career growth?
    The fact that there’s frequent 1:1 communication with my boss is great. Feedback is one of Swiftly’s core values and I rely heavily on feedback from my boss in terms of growing myself and improving my own impact.

Our values, our people

Team, Jen
When have you seen our Team value at work?
What sets Swiftly apart from other places I've worked is the incredible balance of collaboration and ownership every individual has in their work. We are each ready and able to achieve our individual and team goals, all while lending our expertise to help others in the company to do the same.
What has pleasantly surprised you about Swiftly?
I am pleasantly surprised at how genuinely connected we all are. Even in the virtual workplace, we manage to have a lot of fun together!
Communication, Jesus
When have you seen our Communication value at work?
It never ceases to amaze me how open and generous people are with their time. There is no question that is too silly or too simple. I know because I think I ask a lot of silly and simple ones! We are encouraged to ask and everyone gives and receives feedback knowing that we all want to be better.
How do you describe Swiftly as a workplace?
There are smart people everywhere. I'm lucky to work with with smart people that share a commitment to the work we're doing.
Feedback, Abe
When have you seen our Feedback value at work?
People are willing to be on-call, ask for help when they're out of their area of expertise, and postmortems are blameless and constructive. I appreciate the humility of the product team at Swiftly—we put our users' needs above our individual contributions.
What's your favorite wacky Swiftly story?
Definitely Halloween 2018. We had a runway photoshoot, the costumes were amazing, and I found my alter ego.
Growth, Madeline
When have you seen our Growth value at work?
I've witnessed the growth of many of my teammates. We have folks in our sales team who had no exposure to transit when they joined, and folks who came from transit agencies who had no exposure to sales. It has been such a joy to encourage, coach, and watch them grow into experts in both!
What about our mission resonates with you?
We solve real problems that matter. I've always used the yardstick of 'does this problem really matter to most of the people in the world' to judge the big causes I want to work on, and improving urban mobility is definitely one of them.
Diversity, JV
When have you seen our Diversity value at work?
It has been amazing to work with individuals from different backgrounds and experiences. Swiftly pushes to be inclusive and supportive, and celebrates different opinions. No matter where you come from or what your background is, your voice will always be heard.
How do you see Swiftly's value in action?
In the communication. At Swiftly, we are always having conversations and discussions openly for anyone else to contribute to if they wish to. Information is shared transparently across channels, letting everyone know the status of the company, projects, and tasks.
Impact, Lauren
When have you seen our Impact value at work?
I've been completely blown away by: (1) how smart my colleagues are, and (2) how we all share the same passion for improving transit. I believe these shared values create the most positive and collaborative environment I've ever worked in.
What's your favorite Swiftly culture story?
Swiftly celebrates individuals' achievements, even small ones. When someone does something that fits in with Swiftly's values, they are given a "values party parrot" on Slack. It seems so silly, but when I received my first party parrot for a small but significant task I accomplished, I was beaming for hours after!

Meet the team


Competitive salary

Stock options

401k match

Flexible spending account

Flexible environment

17 holidays

Unlimited PTO

Medical, dental, vision

8 fully-paid weeks for child birth/adoption

Mission-driven culture

Education reimbursement

Home office and internet reimbursement

We're serious about inclusion

Making a lasting impact on urban mobility requires a variety of perspectives from all walks of life. At Swiftly, we proactively seek candidates from varied backgrounds and are serious about creating a working environment that includes all individuals.

Life at Swiftly

Mission-driven culture
People at Swiftly care—about mobility, sustainability, equity and access, and solving real-world problems. We love our volunteer happy hours, charity matching, educational opportunities, and more.
Team gatherings
Swiftly has several ways to randomly group employees for short social breaks during the workday—and we love to mingle! Last year Swiftly had 6x as many social 1:1s (donut app) compared to other companies our size.
Educational stipend
Swiftly offers $50 per month for employee learning. Employees have fueled their curiosity by starting book clubs, pursuing professional certifications, attending conferences, and taking classes.
Home office stipend
We love spending time together but we're all working from home right now—don't have a home office? No problem, we've got a stipend to help you get set up.
We like to get our bend-and-stretch on during weekly yoga sessions because healthy cities have healthy inhabitants. All classes are held online and open to all levels of yogi.
Brain trains
We encourage internal knowledge sharing on a wide range of topics and we also have an active schedule of high caliber guest speakers who share their expertise with the team during our Lunch & Learns.
Pet-friendly colleagues
We're animal people at Swiftly and love it when your cat walks through your Zoom call or your dog comes to the office. One of our first Slack channels ever was dedicated to animals.
Exec AMAs
Our executive team strives for
transparency and connection
across the company. During
Ask Me Anything sessions, the
floor is open for questions
about the business, their pets,
pet peeves, or anything else.
Culture Committee
Initiatives like our Pronoun Policy and Slack best practices are often developed by Swiftly employees through the Culture Committee—an open and ongoing forum for continually evolving and improving our community and employee experience.
La Guagua
La Guagua is a safe place for Latinx employees. There are monthly meetups and a private Slack channel to come together for support and encouragement.
Swiftly Parents
We've got lots of parents on the Swiftly team and we love getting to know our littlest Swiftlets, from baby coos to college grads! And Swiftly's flexible time off policy and parental leave help support your work-life balance so you can be there for all the important moments.
Swiftly hosts a monthly breakfast to Support Women-identifying, Femme, Transgender, and non-conforming employees in a shared space for camaraderie and conversation.
Queer Swifters
Queer Swifters is a monthly space for folks who identify as LGBTQIA+ to come together for discussion, bonding, and sharing our experiences. Our only agenda item is the gay one!

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