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The transit industry’s most accurate customer service tool

With Swiftly, gain rider trust while revolutionizing your transit call center .

Reduce complaints through best-in-class vehicle predictions

Improve vehicle arrival predictions by up to 30% and send live updates of service interruptions when they occur

Limit the number of ghost buses that riders experience with Swiftly’s robust vehicle assignments

Seamlessly integrate with Transit, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and more to ensure riders have consistent and accurate data across all apps

“With our partnership with Swiftly, our customers now spend less time waiting at bus stops, and our service is more dependable. We awarded Swiftly the contract based on the proven accuracy of their predictions for our system."

David Block-Schachter, CTO | MBTA, Boston, MA

Easily view the location of your vehicles

Get a precise, down-to-the-second picture of the whereabouts of every vehicle in your network

Equip agents with the tools they need to answer the most common questions, fast

Respond to "where's the bus?" inquiries quickly and shorten average call lengths across the board

“It used to take about 10 minutes to resolve ‘where’s the bus?’ questions. Now we can help riders out pretty much right away. We just check Swiftly and answer questions in about two or three minutes.”

Tammy Motteler, Director of Customer Programs | DCTA, Denton, TX

Resolve customer inquiries in minutes

Replay historical GPS data for every vehicle in your network to see where buses were throughout the day

Resolve issues like, "My bus never showed up," and "I lost an item, but I'm not sure which bus" in a few clicks

Understand vehicle movements without reviewing video recordings or switching to other software

“GPS Playback provides me with all of the information I need to see, like whether a bus got to a stop ahead of schedule. And I don’t need to search the backend or anything.”

Khadijah Shabazz, Customer Service Supervisor | CARTA, Charleston, SC

Unify your data across departments and stakeholders

Align every department at your agency around the same underlying data 

Use Swiftly as the source of truth that every department can rely on 

Build consensus with operations, scheduling, and planning teams with intuitive, visual dashboards

“We’ve been able to get eight or ten departments across the agency to use Swiftly. We are shifting from anecdotes to data-driven decision-making.”  

Michael Helta, Chief Innovation Officer | MDOT MTA, Baltimore, MD

Inform riders of real-time crowding levels

Respond to rider inquiries about crowding in seconds with easy-to-use tools

See the same ridership data that informs decisions across the agency

Drive rider trust through access to reliable information

“APC Connector gives you the benefits of the APC without having to set up hardware manually. It works seamlessly with the data we already have; we're leveraging the strength of our current system. If we change something, it is reflected immediately."

Cole McCarren, Planning and Special Projects Manager | Regional Transport Agency (RTA) of Central Maryland

Getting started is easy

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