Harness the power of your transit data

Making informed transit decisions requires good data. Swiftly gets to the heart of what makes fast, reliable transit service in your city.

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Swiftly for Operations

Proactively manage your transit fleet with real-time predictions

Fix operational issues before they occur with the industry's leading real-time predictions.

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Swiftly for customer service

Access the industry’s most accurate real-time data platform

Gain rider trust while revolutionizing your transit call center.

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Swiftly for Planning

Complete planning projects up to 90% faster

Identify slow segments, make corridor improvements, and improve vehicle speeds.

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Swiftly for Scheduling

Pinpoint on-time performance improvements in minutes

Make your schedule achievable at the stop, trip, and route level.

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Join the Revolution

More than 70 cities of all sizes use Swiftly to enhance their transit service.

With Swiftly, we've been able to pull off an entire information revolution in just a few months. Swiftly simply lets us run a smarter system. Now we can actually manage our system.

Mike Helta, Chief Innovation Officer, MTA (Baltimore, MD)

Swiftly has allowed us to systematically analyze the areas of improvement where we’ll have the most impact. Swiftly has made our data beautiful, understandable, and effective.

Adam Burger, Senior Transportation Planner, Valley Transit Authority (San Jose, CA)

Swiftly increased the visibility we have and therefore our level of customer service. It’s really important for us to provide for the customer. That’s what we do. And Swiftly helps us do that.

Tammy Moettler, Director of Customer Programs, DCTA (Denton, TX)


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