Proactively manage transit operations

Swiftly provides data and tools for agencies to manage day-to-day service including detours, changes to service, and more.

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Swiftly enables teams to proactively identify, surface, and take action on operations disruptions

Prior to using Swiftly, we were creating paper detours. Centralizing everything into Swiftly, our operators come in the morning and check if their route has a detour, and they have that information in the same place where we push information to customer agents and clients. Everyone has the same source of information.”
Sebastian Mackey, Société de transport de Levis

Products designed to efficiently manage daily operations

Live Operations

Get a real-time picture of early, late, and bunched vehicles in your system

Track vehicles in real time

Get a precise, real-time picture of the whereabouts of every vehicle in your network that refreshes every few seconds

Get answers quickly

Equip customer service agents with the tools they need to answer the most common questions, fast

Support field staff

Give field staff complete visibility of your entire network so they can answer passenger inquiries and keep service moving smoothly

Service Adjustments

Make ad hoc changes to service and automatically send riders updated predictions

Quickly enact ad hoc service changes

Schedule detours, cancel blocks, and close stops, all without leaving the Swiftly platform

Automatically update arrival predictions

See new arrival predictions based on current conditions, automatically generated by Swiftly’s best-in-class algorithms

Update riders in real time

Seamlessly send riders up-to-date arrival predictions during service interruptions via Google Maps, Transit, and dynamic signage

Service Adjustments was a lifesaver for us during the storm. We were able to cancel service easily, and folks at home could see the updated vehicle locations with just a simple internet connection. We’re so grateful for y’all.”
Dottie Watkins, President/CEO
Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CapMetro), Austin, TX

GPS Playback

Replay vehicle movements based on historical GPS data

See where vehicles went and when

Replay where vehicles went during their runs for any time period and date range

Resolve rider questions

Solve issues like, "My bus never showed up," and "I lost an item, but I'm not sure which bus" – in minutes

Ensure operator compliance

Confirm if operators drove route alignments or detours as planned

Onboard App

An intuitive onboard display that runs on commodity Android tablets

Send feedback directly to operators

Provide operators with real-time feedback to mitigate on-time performance issues

Maintain vehicle spacing in real time

Send operators service corrections - like short turns or holds - to reduce bunching and gapping

Boost operator morale

Make drivers happy by removing the guesswork from their jobs and improving passenger satisfaction in the process

Learn more about how operations teams use Swiftly

“Swiftly gives us the ability to see where the buses are on their routes and take action. If they are right on top of one another, we can space them out easier. You can easily look at the live ladder and say, ‘Ok these two need to be spaced out.’ It broadcasts the information so you can act on it.”

Megan Ross, Fixed Route Operations Manager | CARTA, Charleston, SC

Empower operations staff to stay a step ahead

Proactively identify issues

Swiftly’s platform analyzes billions of data points to detect performance issues, detours, and missing service, before the problem escalates.

Notifications with context

Swiftly surfaces detours and disruptions to staff members with consistent and reliable information, all in one place.

Take decisive action

Swiftly enables teams to resolve disruptions for staff, operators, and passengers—either as a standalone platform or alongside existing tools.

Swiftly product lines


Historical data

The Swiftly


Real-time passenger information


Real-time operations tools

The Swiftly


Historical data


Real-time passenger information


Real-time operations tools

Swiftly connects the entire transit ecosystem to the industry’s most powerful data engine.

Connect with passengers

Connect with vehicles

Swiftly Connected Transit PlatformTM

Connect with staff

Connect with partners

Connect with passengers
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Improve information reliability for passengers. Learn More
Connect with staff
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Increase the efficiency of daily operations and planning. Learn More
Connect with partners
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Share Swiftly data throughout the transit ecosystem. Learn More

Proactively manage your public transit network

Real-time passenger information

Best-in-class vehicle predictions that leverage real-time disruption information, paired with optional rider alerts

Best-in-class vehicle predictions

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Performance insights

Historical trends that support smart decision-making, build consensus, and improve the rider experience across the agency

Historical trends that support smart decision-making

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Swiftly Transit Data Platform

Proactive operations

Dynamic real-time fleet visibility and management that allow everyone and everything to know what’s happening in the network

Dynamic real-time fleet visibility and management

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Integrations and APIs

Real-time data quality monitoring across existing systems, plus APIs and open data standards, drive permissionless innovation

Real-time data quality monitoring across existing systems, APIs and open data standards

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