Help us reinvent the future of public transit

At Swiftly, we believe in partnering with cities and agencies to improve the public transit experience by harnessing the power of data. We are committed to developing the latest cutting-edge technologies to help cities move more efficiently and keep passengers happy. We're currently looking for skilled and passionate folks to join us in San Francisco in the following roles.

Customer Success Manager
Work directly with Swiftly's customers to ensure they are happy and finding immense value in the tools that Swiftly provides. Flex your creative muscles to solve problems and maximize success. Learn more...

Marketing Programs Manager
As the first Marketing hire, develop and own all of Swiftly’s event marketing and email automation. Expand our footprint with a compelling brand story, wonderful events, and friendly outreach. Learn more... 

Account Executive
Work with transit agencies and partners across the globe to help them improve operational efficiency, save money, and deliver world class mobility services through smart data analysis. Learn more..

Transit Development Manager
Use your research and analysis skills to understand transit agencies' goals and find opportunities for Swiftly to help. Let your interpersonal skills shine as you introduce Swiftly to new markets. Learn more....

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