Your historical transit data, visualized

Swiftly Insights turns your raw data into easy-to-understand charts and graphs, making it simple to distill knowledge and take action.

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Swiftly Insights gives planning, scheduling, and operations staff access to the same robust data for your entire system

Swiftly Insights synthesizes data from a variety of your hardware systems, allowing you to see trends in Swiftly’s intuitive dashboard and export the data through our well-documented APIs.

Find, prioritize, and communicate your system’s performance issues
 in minutes

On-Time Performance

Get a detailed picture of how your vehicles are adhering to scheduled service

View schedule adherence in seconds

Instantly see on-time performance metrics for any route in your network

Pinpoint where performance issues arise

Identify which routes, trips, and stops impact on-time performance most

Customize your on-time performance metrics

Customize performance metrics based on your agency’s definition of “on time” for any date range


Analyze actual versus scheduled run-times for every segment in your network

Validate scheduled run-times

Quickly see which route segments take longer or shorter than what the schedule dictates

Get suggested run-times based on historical data

See suggested schedule improvements based on historical GPS records and Swiftly’s algorithms

Visualize the impacts of service changes

Create easy-to-digest graphs of how proposed infrastructure projects – like bus-only lanes or signal priority – impact run-times

Speed Map

Identify the route segments and intersections that cause avoidable slowdowns

Visualize speed data from everywhere your vehicles go

Create intuitive visualizations of vehicle speeds and dwell times for any route and direction

Identify the bottlenecks in your service

Find at which intersections or along which route segments vehicles slow down most

See how vehicle speeds change throughout the day

Customize time and date ranges to understand how speeds change during peak, off-peak, and weekend service

GPS Playback

Replay vehicle movements based on historical GPS data

See where vehicles went and when

Replay where vehicles went during their runs for any time period and date range

Resolve rider questions

Solve issues like, "My bus never showed up," and "I lost an item, but I'm not sure which bus" – in minutes

Ensure operator compliance

Confirm if operators drove route alignments or detours as planned

Operator Reports

Turn your drivers into smooth operators

See on-time performance for every operator

Segment on-time performance data at the individual operator level

Understand trip-by-trip performance of operators

See exactly where operators lose contact with the schedule along their routes

Resolve interdepartmental questions about run-times

Parse operator performance issues from scheduling issues with intuitive visuals of earlies, lates, and layovers


Proactively manage bunching and gapping on your high-frequency routes

View headway adherence in seconds

Compare actual headways against scheduled headways with fully customizable definitions of bunching and gapping

Flag recurring issues with vehicle spacing

Quickly identify the exact places and times of day recurring vehicle spacing issues typically arise

Customize your headway adherence metrics

Easily customize metrics based on timepoints, all stops, or first stops only for any date range

Learn more about how planning teams use Swiftly

“We’ve been able to get eight or ten departments across the agency to use Swiftly. We are shifting the agency culture to understand data. We are shifting from anecdotes to data-driven decision-making and increased understanding. It’s making us a more inquisitive agency, which leads to better discussions and a stronger end results for our customers.”

Michael Helta, Chief Innovation Officer | MDOT MTA , Baltimore, MD

Benefits your entire agency

Easy communication across departments

With Swiftly, you ensure scheduling, operations, and planning teams all work from the same source of truth: the most accurate data in the industry.

Intuitive, visual interfaces

When your data is intuitive, it’s easy for everyone to interpret. Equip your entire team with simple, easy-to-understand data insights.

Seamless integrations with your existing transit software

Swiftly’s APIs integrate with the transit tools you already use -- and the ones you need -- so you can equip everyone on your team with the best insights, not just those that your current vendors offer.

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Real-time passenger information


Real-time operations tools

The Swiftly


Historical data


Real-time passenger information


Real-time operations tools

Getting started is easy

See how Swiftly can improve service reliability at your agency with an in-depth demo.

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