Swiftly for Operations

Proactively manage your transit fleet to improve overall service quality.

Fix operational issues before they occur with the industry’s most accurate real-time information.

Live map

Access the industry's most accurate real-time map

Reduce bunching

Use predictive on-time performance and headways between stops to ensure adherence to transit schedules.

Manage from the field

Equip field supervisors with a tablet-ready interface displaying real-time vehicle predictions on a single screen.

Ensure compliance

Observe operators in real-time to ensure compliance with detours and new route alignments.

"MBTA was looking for a better solution to provide real-time passenger information to our commuter rail passengers. With Swiftly, we were able to quickly set-up and deploy a modern RTPI system to reach more riders."
Dave Barker, Operations Technology, MBTA (Boston, MA)
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GPS Playback

Immediately investigate incidents, operator complaints, and customer input

Instantly replay vehicle movements

Easily replay historical GPS data for every vehicle in your network.

Check driver compliance

Check driver adherence to detours or new route alignments during any time frame.

Improve operator training

Rapidly improve driver training by offering intuitive suggestions for compliance.

“Tillamook CTD uses GPS playback for driver training. This enables operations to review shifts with drivers, provide feedback, and give tips for improvement.”
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on-time performance

Improve the reliability and convenience
of transit service

Analyze performance

Identify specific stops and trips impacting your overall on-time performance.

Identify operational issues

Discover when and where operational issues occur along every route in your network.

Improve reliability

Improve overall rider satisfaction by increasing service efficiency and reliability.

"The direct cost savings from overtime is to the tune of $18,000 a year. I see it in our payroll every day. We have significantly less overtime — plain and simple.”
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Quickly analyze actual vs. scheduled run times for every route in your network

Analyze travel times

Easily segment and analyze the breakdown of travel times - including traffic, drive time, and dwell times.

Collaborate with schedulers

Identify trips with excess recovery time and communicate pain points to schedulers.

Continuous data collection

Quickly differentiate operational issues from scheduling issues with historical data from the field.

“Swiftly is an easily accessible, comprehensive tool to understand how our transit system is operating, and the fact that it’s intuitive and visual? That doesn’t hurt!”
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