swiftly for planners

Obliterate transit

Swiftly lets you quickly identify the unnecessary delays that drag down system efficiency.

Speed Map

Make transit faster, more reliable, and more attractive to riders

Identify slowdowns

Identify route segments and intersections causing avoidable performance issues.

Visualize speeds

Create intuitive visualizations of vehicle speeds and dwell times for any route and direction.

Communicate impact

Quantify and communicate the impact of infrastructure projects on vehicles speeds and dwell times.

“On our complete streets project, now we use the Swiftly dashboard to compute whatever data we need, on the fly. It used to take 2 weeks, now it’s a few minutes. It’s all right there.”
Senior Transportation Planner, VTA (San Jose, CA)
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Quickly analyze actual vs. scheduled run-times for every route in your network

Segment travel times

Easily segment and analyze the breakdown of travel times - including traffic, drive time, and dwell times.

Identify problem trips

Empower schedulers to identify trips that exceed recovery time or have excessive slack.

Visualize impact

Instantly visualize the impacts of schedule changes, stop relocation, Signal Priority and other infrastructure projects.

“Swiftly is such an easily accessible, comprehensive tool to understand how our transit system is operating. And the fact that it’s intuitive and visual, that doesn’t hurt.”
Krae Stieffenhofer, Transportation Planner, MTA (Baltimore, MD)
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on-time performance

Improve the reliability and convenience
of transit service

Analyze performance

Identify specific stops and trips impacting your overall on-time performance.

Identify operational issues

Discover when and where operational issues occur along every route in your network.

Enhance reliability

Improve overall rider satisfaction by increasing service efficiency and reliability.

“Swiftly has a level of customization for on-time performance queries – for different routes, different places, and different times. It’s really allowed me to do analysis that I just couldn’t have done before.”
Mike Helta, Chief Innovation Officer MTA (Baltimore, MD)

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