The real-time toolkit for transit operations

CloudCAD is the first transit operations toolkit that lets you understand current service conditions, prioritize fixes, and send out service adjustments -- in real time.

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CloudCAD is reimagining the transit tool landscape by decoupling transit software from onboard hardware.

CloudCAD ensures your operations staff have visibility over your entire fixed-route fleet and can manage operations in real time, regardless of the hardware on board today or in the future.

The first transit operations toolkit that improves the passenger experience in real time

Live Operations

Get an up-to-the-second picture of early, late, and bunched vehicles in your system

Track vehicles in real time

Get a precise, real-time picture of the location and spacing of every vehicle in your network, updated every few seconds

Triage early and late vehicles

Find early and late vehicles and sort by the biggest offenders to mitigate bunching and gapping in real time

Identify missing trips

Highlight missing trips and potential layover issues with an intuitive, laddered route visualization

Onboard App

An intuitive onboard display that runs on commodity Android and iOS tablets

Send feedback directly to operators

Provide operators with real-time feedback to mitigate on-time performance issues

Maintain vehicle spacing in real time

Send operators service corrections - like short turns or holds - to reduce bunching and gapping

Boost operator morale

Make drivers happy by removing the guesswork from their jobs and improving passenger satisfaction in the process

Service Adjustments

Dynamically manage scheduled service changes and unforeseen disruptions

Enact service changes in a single click

Hold vehicles, cancel blocks, and close stops without leaving the Swiftly platform

Automatically update vehicle arrival predictions

See changes to service automatically reflected in vehicle predictions with algorithms that calculate the impact to riders

Update everyone who needs to know

Communicate service changes across departments in real time and create an easily accessible source of truth

Learn more about how Operations teams use Swiftly

“Swiftly gives us the ability to see where the buses are on their routes and take action. If they are right on top of one another, we can space them out easier. You can easily look at the live ladder and say, ‘Ok these two need to be spaced out.’ It broadcasts the information so you can act on it.”

Megan Ross, Fixed Route Operations Manager | CARTA, Charleston, SC

CloudCAD benefits your entire agency

Separating software from hardware

CloudCAD allows you to separate your transit software from your onboard hardware. Fine-tune your software tools without the need to rip and replace hardware from your entire vehicle fleet.

Built on a philosophy of open data

CloudCAD is part of the Open Transit Initiative, a project led by Swiftly and a coalition of like-minded partners who have committed to common data standards and cross-vendor compatibility.

Made for the future

Swiftly’s cloud infrastructure and subscription model simplify how you build your transit data stack. Choose only the products you need, access them from anywhere, and use them with the hardware of your choice.

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Real-time operations tools

The Swiftly


Historical data


Real-time passenger information


Real-time operations tools

Getting started is easy

See how Swiftly can improve service reliability, passenger information, and operational efficiency at your agency with an in-depth demo.

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