Product overview

Get more from your transit data

Swiftly unlocks service improvements by streamlining and organizing your real-time transit data.

REal-time passenger predictions

Improve vehicle predictions by up to 30%

Improve accuracy

Reduce complaints and increase ridership with the most accurate real-time passenger predictions available.

Use existing hardware

Use the CAD/AVL hardware already installed in your vehicles or integrate AVL information from multiple sources.

Automatically collect data

Collect route data even if a driver forgets to log in with vehicle auto-assignment.

Mobility Platform Delivers Real-Time Predictions

Live Map

Access the industry’s most accurate real-time map

Industry’s Most Accurate Real-Time Map

Manage in real time

Get a precise, down-to-the-second picture of the whereabouts of every vehicle in your network.

Get answers quickly

Equip your team with the tools they need to answer the most common questions, fast.

Use predictive OTP

Use predictive on-time performance and headways between stops to ensure adherance to transit schedules.

GPS Playback

Immediately verify customer complaints and ensure driver compliance

Replay vehicle movements

Easily replay historical GPS data for every vehicle in your network within seconds.

Resolve rider questions

Resolve issues like, "My bus never showed up," and "I lost an item, but I'm sure which bus" – in minutes.

Investigate in one place

Understand vehicle movements without reviewing video recordings or switching to other software.

Swiftly's Mobility Platform GPS Playback

on-time performance

Improve the reliability and convenience
of transit service

Improve Transit Reliability with Swiftly's Mobility Platform

Analyze performance

Identify specific stops and trips impacting your overall on-time performance.

Identify operational issues

Discover when and where operational issues occur along every route in your network.

Enhance reliability

Improve overall rider satisfaction by increasing service efficiency and reliability.

speed Map

Make transit faster, more reliable, and more attractive to riders

Identify slowdowns

Identify route segments and intersections causing avoidable performance issues.

Visualize speeds

Create intuitive visualizations of vehicle speeds and dwell times for any route and direction.

Communicate impact

Quantify and communicate the impact of infrastructureprojects on vehicles speeds and dwell times.

Quantify and Communicate Vehicles Speeds and Dwell Times


Quickly analyze actual vs. scheduled run times for every route in your network

Analyze Actual vs. Scheduled Run Times

Identify excess slack

Easily identify trips that exceed recovery time or have excessive slack to ensure reliable schedules.

Get schedule suggestions

Generate suggested schedule improvements based on historical GPS records and actual performance.

Visualize impact

Instantly visualize the impacts of schedule changes, stop relocation, Signal Priority, and other infrastructure projects.

Operator Reports

Turn your drivers into smooth operators

See on-time performance by operator

Segment on-time performance data at the individual operator level.

Easily analyze layover use

Parse operator performance issues from scheduling issues with intuitive visuals of earlies, lates, and layovers.

Understand trip-by-trip performance

See exactly where operators lose contact with the schedule along their routes.

Quickly Identify Vehicle Spacing Issues on Routes


Proactively manage bunching and gapping on your high-frequency routes

Quickly Identify Vehicle Spacing Issues on Routes

Flag problem areas

Compare actual headways with scheduled headways including fully customizable definitions of bunching and gapping.

Spot vehicle spacing issues

Quickly identify the exact times of day and places along your routes where vehicle spacing issues typically arise.

Align with agency priorities

Filter to analyze only timepoints or review headway performance at all stops.

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