swiftly for Scheduling

Pinpoint on-time performance issues in minutes

Your transit schedule is your contract with your riders. Swiftly lets you instantly detect the inefficiencies in your schedule so you never keep your riders waiting.


Quickly analyze actual vs. scheduled run-times for every route in your network

Identify excess slack

Quickly identify trips that exceed recovery time or have excessive slack to ensure reliable schedules.

Suggested run-times

Generate suggested schedule improvements based on historical GPS records and actual performance.

Visualize impact

Instantly visualize the impacts of schedule changes, stop relocation, Signal Priority, and other infrastructure projects.

Analyze Actual vs. Scheduled Run Times
“After 10 years, we finally added time to routes to accommodate increased ridership. Beforehand, we didn’t know where to start. Now we can see exactly where we need to add a minute here or two minutes there.”
Kathy Bond, Transit Specialist, TCTD (Tillamook, OR)
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on-time performance

Improve the reliability and convenience of transit service for your riders

Optimize schedules

Identify specific stops and trips impacting your overall on-time performance.

Pinpoint operational issues

Differentiate operational issues from scheduling issues with historical data from the field.

Improve service

Improve overall rider satisfaction by increasing service efficiency and reliability.

Improve Transit Reliability with Swiftly's Mobility Platform
"Swiftly has a level of customization for on-time performance queries – for different routes, different places, and different times. It’s really allowed me to do analysis that I just couldn’t have done before.”
Mike Helta, Chief Innovation Officer, MTA (Baltimore, MD)

Speed Map

Make transit faster, more reliable, and more attractive to riders

Quantify and Communicate Vehicles Speeds and Dwell Times

Identify slowdowns

Identify route segments and intersections causing avoidable performance issues.

Visualize speeds

Create intuitive visualizations of vehicle speeds and dwell times for any route and direction.

Communicate impact

Quantify and communicate the impact of infrastructure projects on vehicles speeds and dwell times.

“On our complete streets project, now we use the Swiftly dashboard to compute whatever data we need, on the fly. It used to take 2 weeks, now it’s a few minutes. It’s all right there.”
Senior Transportation Planner, VTA (San Jose, CA)
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GPS Playback

Immediately investigate incidents, operator complaints, and customer input.

Instantly replay vehicle movements

Easily replay historical GPS data for e very vehicle in your network.

Track irregularities

Visually track early and late arrivals and seamlessly communicate instances to operations.

Collaborate with operations

Quickly differentiate operational issues from scheduling issues with historical data from the field.

Swiftly's Mobility Platform GPS Playback
"We had a driver who wasn't driving the correct speed. We were able to use the GPS playback to show the driver in real time what they needed to do in order to operate the route on time."
General Manager, TCTD (Tillamook, OR)
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Boost the reliability of your high-frequency transit service

Flag causes of bunching

Quickly identify the exact places along your routes and times of day where vehicle spacing issues typically arise.

Identify operational issues

Differentiate operational issues from scheduling issues with historical data from the field.

Align with rider experience

Measure the reliability of your high-frequency service the way your riders do -- by understanding the actual headways of your vehicles.

Quickly Identify Vehicle Spacing Issues on Routes
“This is how we will compete in the future. Swiftly is so significant that I don’t know how we would do our bus network redesign without it.”

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