Cloud-native vehicle hardware integrations

Swiftly rethinks the way your onboard hardware works by connecting it to the internet and allowing you to control it remotely.

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Swiftly simplifies your onboard hardware management.

Swiftly decouples the software running onboard your vehicles and puts it in the cloud, allowing you to send up-to-the-minute instructions to operators and trip data to passengers, all over-the-air and in real-time.

Products to keep operators and onboard passengers informed

Onboard App

An intuitive onboard display that runs on commodity Android tablets

Send feedback directly to operators

Provide operators with real-time feedback to mitigate on-time performance issues

Maintain vehicle spacing in real time

Send operators service corrections - like short turns or holds - to reduce bunching and gapping

Boost operator morale

Make drivers happy by removing the guesswork from their jobs and improving passenger satisfaction in the process

APC Connector

Connect your automated passenger counters directly to the internet for real-time crowding and easy-to-access historical data

Immediately send APC data to the industry’s most powerful cloud software

Avoid data pitfalls like occupancy drift and on/off imbalance by pushing APC counts directly to the industry’s smartest transit data platform

Simplify the process of accessing and analyzing passenger counts

Download data into Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, or whatever data software you use

Unlock real-time crowding information

Empower passengers, customer service, and operations with the most up-to-date information about vehicle crowding levels

AVAS Connector

Bring real-time information to your passengers through onboard audio and visual announcements in partnership with Way Sine

Meet ADA requirements for audio and visual announcements

Ensure audio and visually impaired passengers know when to disembark

Give all passengers access to the industry’s most accurate and reliable information onboard

With passenger information that is up to 30% more accurate your passengers will always have the latest access

Access automated announcements without a CAD/AVL system

Avoid expensive, hard to maintain, and interdependent CAD/AVL systems by separating out your announcement system

Learn more about how Operations teams use Swiftly

“Swiftly gives us the ability to see where the buses are on their routes and take action. If they are right on top of one another, we can space them out easier. You can easily look at the live ladder and say, ‘Ok these two need to be spaced out.’ It broadcasts the information so you can act on it.”

Megan Ross, Fixed Route Operations Manager | CARTA, Charleston, SC

Swiftly revolutionizes how your onboard hardware works

Software independent of hardware

Swiftly allows you to separate your transit software from your onboard hardware. Fine-tune your software tools without the need to rip and replace hardware from your entire vehicle fleet.

Built on a philosophy of open data

Swiftly has partnered with a coalition of like-minded partners who have committed to common data standards and cross-vendor compatibility.

Made for the future

Swiftly’s cloud infrastructure and subscription model simplify how you build your transit data stack. Choose only the products you need, access them from anywhere, and use them with the hardware of your choice.

Swiftly product lines


Historical data

The Swiftly


Real-time passenger information


Real-time operations tools

The Swiftly


Historical data


Real-time passenger information


Real-time operations tools

Swiftly connects the entire transit ecosystem to the industry’s most powerful data engine.

Connect with passengers

Connect with vehicles

Swiftly Connected Transit PlatformTM

Connect with staff

Connect with partners

Getting started is easy

See how Swiftly can improve service reliability, passenger information, and operational efficiency at your agency with an in-depth demo.

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