The State of Public Transit 2022

Read our latest report to understand how other transit professionals adapted to 2021's challenges and how you can apply their learnings at your agency.

Report overview

Last year, transit professionals found themselves adapting to public transit's new landscape. Operator shortages, changing commute patterns, and lagging ridership recovery have hamstrung transit staff, but 2021 brought new opportunities as well. Some agencies found ways to overhaul processes and improve reliability, paving the way for future success.

We surveyed transit professionals and analyzed quantitive data to understand how transit professionals are working to bring riders back and deliver service in a COVID-altered world. This year's State of Public Transit report dives into transit professional response, uncovers areas of learning, and highlights how transit staff are preparing for 2022.

About the Author

Swiftly is a transit reliability platform to keep public transportation a fast, frequent, and attractive alternative to the private vehicle.

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