The State of Public Transit 2024 Industry Report

After several difficult years, the future is looking bright for public transit. Ridership is recovering; labor shortages are receding; and federal infrastructure funding is starting to take root.

Below, we analyze five key areas that define the State of Public Transit in 2024. We’ve also included a corresponding Transit Data Scorecard to help you benchmark your agency against these trends. Throughout the report, simply toggle to the right to assess your agency in each area.

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Report: Overview

A snapshot of the industry from transit agencies nationwide

Our annual State of Public Transit report captures insights from transit professionals across North America. The report is based on thousands of agency conversations, data from over 300 transit agencies, and a survey of more than 80 transit agency staff from a variety of departments, agency sizes, and service area types.

2024 State of Public Transit Report data visualization of annual survey respondent demographics
"Overview" State of Public Transit Report summary graphic

report overview

Insights in 5 key focus areas

We focused our analysis on five key areas that transit agency staff consistently rank as top agency priorities: the rider experience, service reliability, staff productivity, operational costs, and transit technology.

Throughout the report, toggle over to our Transit Data Scorecard. Use our scorecard to assess your agency's passenger information, service reliability, staff productivity, and more.

About the scorecard

Scorecard: Overview

Evaluating the full spectrum of transit data

Our Transit Data Scorecard is divided into five categories, emphasizing the areas that have the greatest impact on riders and staff. Each category includes criteria for assessing your agency as early, progressing, or advanced.

Keep scrolling to dig into our report's five key areas—and our scorecard's corresponding five categories of assessment.

  1. 1

    "Rider experience" graphic
    Rider Experience
  2. 2

    "Service reliability" graphic
    Service Reliability
  3. 3

    "Staff productivity" graphic
    Staff Productivity
  4. 4

    "Operational costs" graphic
    Operational Costs
  5. 5

    "Transit technology" graphic
    Transit Technology
"Overview" Transit Data Scorecard summary graphic

scorecard overview


Meets key prerequisites for adopting best practices


Follows core best practices but may lack some critical capabilities


Leads on the cutting edge of new industry technology and processes

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