December 18, 2019

Cya, Swiftly App. Hello, Transit! 👋

Swiftly is doubling down on data. We’re endorsing Transit as our mobile app replacement.

As of today, Swiftly will no longer support our mobile passenger-facing app as we focus on making transit infrastructure better. We recommend downloading our partner app, Transit, which is sure to help you get where you’re going, wherever you may be!

From mobile app…

In 2015, Swiftly launched a passenger-facing mobile application to help city dwellers get from point A to point B efficiently. We poured our hearts into crafting an intuitive, user-friendly product that anyone could use to compare transportation modes🚶🏻‍♀️ 🚲 🚃 🚕 and catch their ride quickly.

As we focused on the rider experience, however, we repeatedly hit roadblocks as we entered new cities: transit agencies could provide us with some transit ETAs, but the predictions were generally terrible and supplied at 1–2 minute intervals. That’s hardly real time!

Recognizing that even the most beautiful mobile app in the world couldn’t give users a good experience if the underlying data was subpar, Swiftly started collaborating with transit agencies directly to improve the quality of their predictions data.

It worked!

…to big data platform for public transit

Today, Swiftly partners with over 50 cities to help them provide better rider-facing transit predictions, offer better customer support, and improve their service reliability.

Swiftly partners with over 50 cities to help them provide better rider-facing transit predictions.

Rather than spending time on developing a single mobile application, we realized we could make a bigger impact focusing on fine-tuning prediction algorithms that can power any application — mobile apps like Transit or Google Maps, platform signage, SMS, and voice — you name it!

True to our roots, Swiftly now focuses on a product that can power any application, including Transit, Google Maps, platform signage, SMS, and voice.

Beyond predictions, Swiftly also offers transit agencies insights into their operations with slick data visualizations. This gives them the tools they need to make their buses, trains, trolleys, gondolas, funiculars, and ferries run more smoothly.

Swiftly’s mission is to improve public transit through better data for agencies around the world.

While we’re sad to see the Swiftly mobile app go — it’s been a wonderful ride! —it’s a great day for public transit generally. It’s all in an effort to make transit the easiest, safest, and most reliable way to get around.

We’re grateful for our wonderful users and the amazing feedback we’ve gotten along the way, and we’re excited to offer better transit options through our work with cities and our partnerships with other mobile app providers, like Transit!

Download Transit to get Swiftly-powered transit ETAs (and lots of other multimodal options!) in your city today.

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