boost customer satisfaction with real-time info


Building trust with passengers is key to increasing ridership and keeping them happy. Connect with riders where they are - transit apps, webpages, annunciators, or SMS/text message - to give them the industry's most accurate real-time vehicle predictions with Swiftly Transitime. With reliable and accurate updates, more people will catch their ride, keeping cities moving happily and efficiently. 



Deploy Swiftly Transitime with new, affordable GPS trackers or with existing AVL/GPS systems, and start piping real-time passenger information to riders' favorite apps, like Google Maps or your mobile payments app, immediately.


MBTA was looking for a solution to provide better real-time passenger information to our commuter rail passengers. With Swiftly, we were able to quickly set-up and deploy a modern RTPI system to reach more riders.
— Dave Barker, Realtime Applications Team, Boston's MBTA


Enhance the rider experience with better data


Swiftly Transitime gives agencies powerful real-time data around when vehicles are actually arriving at scheduled stops. Swiftly Transitime makes it easy to share this data with other apps and websites so your riders can catch their bus, train, tram, or ferry every time.


Give riders accurate ETAs
Swiftly Transitime gives riders real-time updates that are up to 30% more accurate than other systems.

Collect real-time data automatically
Vehicle auto-assignment collects route data even if a driver forgets to log in.

Deliver real-time updates to any app
Swiftly Transitime makes it easy to share real-time updates with passenger-facing tools (web, mobile, and text).

Leverage existing hardware
Swiftly can use the CAD/AVL hardware already installed in your vehicles.



Launch real-time passenger information