September 7, 2023

Swiftly CEO Jonny Simkin named to Mass Transit Magazine 40 Under 40 and Swiftly recognized on Inc. 5000

Sam Bleiberg
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Graphic showcasing CEO Jonny Simkin named to Mass Transit Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list, Inc. 5000 recognition, along with new pilot projects and agency partnerships
September 7, 2023

Swiftly CEO Jonny Simkin named to Mass Transit Magazine 40 Under 40 and Swiftly recognized on Inc. 5000

Sam Bleiberg
September 7, 2023

Swiftly CEO Jonny Simkin named to Mass Transit Magazine 40 Under 40 and Swiftly recognized on Inc. 5000

Sam Bleiberg

San Francisco, CA — September 7, 2023—Swiftly, Inc., the industry’s leading Transit Data Platform, announced CEO and co-founder Jonny Simkin has been named to Mass Transit Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list, adding to an array of company accomplishments this year including recognition on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America, several key industry partnerships, and new transit data projects.

Industry recognition 

Mass Transit Magazine recognizes individuals for their industry contributions and who have shown a capacity for innovation, demonstrated leadership and a commitment to making an impact in transit. 

The Inc. 5000 provides a data-driven look at the most successful independent, entrepreneurial businesses. 2023 marks the second consecutive year Swiftly has been recognized as one of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies by 

“In the past few months, our team has delivered groundbreaking new transit data projects to help some of the largest transit agencies in North America move cities more efficiently,” says Simkin. “Recognition from industry experts is a testament to the innovative work of our transit agency partners and the resulting impacts on the passenger experience and system reliability.”

Partnerships and transit technology milestones 

Swiftly’s accolades follow recent partnership announcements reflecting new milestones for transit data technology. 

This spring, Swiftly officially became the first consumer of the Operational Data Standard through our work with the San Francisco Bay Ferry system WETA, enabling agencies to analyze non-revenue service. Combining information from an agency’s GTFS and ODS data gives a full picture of transit vehicle trips and opens the door to improving schedule efficiency and on-time performance for overall service.

In August, Swiftly announced a brand-new partnership with transit technology provider Remix. Real-world stop-by-stop bus departure data from Swiftly will be available directly within Remix’s timetable interface, empowering planners to reduce delays for passengers and improve on-time percentage (OTP) and other key metrics. As a result, planners will be able to adjust departure times and frequencies to keep the bus running on time with just a few clicks.

New transit data projects

Swiftly has recently implemented new transit data projects with some of the largest and most innovative agencies in the country. 

Earlier this spring Swiftly was selected to participate in the Transit Tech Lab. During the pilot with New York City Transit and New Jersey Transit, Swiftly analyzed over 125 million bus arrival-time predictions to ensure accuracy and consistency, and identified opportunities to improve arrival prediction accuracy for more than 83 million bus trips annually across both NYCT and NJT’s bus systems. After interviewing 20 cross-departmental NYCT & NJT staff, Swiftly created a roadmap for each agency to improve the accuracy of real-time information. Swiftly demonstrated plans to improve prediction algorithms, streamline communications during detours to reduce service delays, provide tools to reduce staff time spent responding to riders' inquiries, and improve overall on-time performance through run time optimizations.

In July, Swiftly worked with LA Metro to kickoff their Headway-Based Operations project to pilot a new method for providing efficient service on one of Los Angeles’ busiest lines. LA Metro is using Swiftly technology specifically designed to provide the best possible bus operator and passenger experience for headway-based routes. 

Honolulu’s Department of Transportation Services recently expanded their work with Swiftly, investing in real-time passenger information for TheBus and the new Skyline rail system with improved communication for service adjustments, empowering staff with tools to improve on-time performance and scheduling efficiency. The enhanced Swiftly suite of tools will result in better service and real-time information for Honolulu's multimodal transit riders.

Finally, Swiftly now provides accurate, reliable real-time passenger information for Caltrain, helping to improve the rider experience for rail passengers in the company’s backyard. 

About Swiftly

Swiftly is the leading transit data platform for agencies to share real-time passenger information, manage day-to-day operations, and improve service performance. Today, over 145 partner agencies in 8 countries—including LA Metro, MARTA, SEPTA, MBTA, and WMATA—rely on Swiftly to improve on-time performance by up to 40% and increase passenger information accuracy by up to 50%. The result is better service reliability, increased ridership, and more efficient transit operations. For more information, visit

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